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Product Return Policy

1. All returns must be authorized by Alveda. A Return Authorization Form must be obtained by either phoning Customer Service at 1-800-656-0793 . All returns must be made within thirty (30) days from date of authorization.

2. Each request must include the following information:

    a. Customer name and address
    b. Invoice number
    c. Invoice date
    d. Customer P.O. number
    e. Quantity, catalogue number and description of Product
    f.  Reason for the return
    g. Lot number and expiry date

3. If Alveda has agreed to accept the return, a return authorization number will be issued and must be clearly referenced with your return. The return shipment must be coordinated with your Customer Service Representative, who will advise you of the proper mode of transportation for the return.

4. Products ordered in error are to be returned prepaid and are subject to a 15% restocking charge. Special order products may not be eligible for return.

5. Products shipped in error are to be returned collect via Alveda's carrier of choice.

6. ALL chemical returns are to be shipped prepaid in accordance with transport of dangerous Products regulations. Freight charges will be reimbursed where applicable.

7. Unauthorized returned Products will be returned to the customer, freight collect, or may be retained and credited at a maximum 50% of the original purchase price.

8. Returns are not authorized for the following:

    a. Any Product not purchased from Alveda
    b. Any Product purchased on a “special order” basis (unless the original vendor will accept return)
    c. Product which has been past expiry by 5 months or greater
    d. Partial units of sale
    e. Products not in unopened original carton that are unsaleable
    f.  Packages that have been opened, marked or disfigured in any way.
    g. Products that have been damaged by acts of God, fire, smoke, water or involved in a bankruptcy sale.
    h. Products that have been improperly stored.
    i.  Products returned without proper authorization.

9. Credit for authorized returns will be issued within 30 days of product receipt at an Alveda facility.

10. Returns less than $75.00 will be disallowed and no credit will be issued.

Special policies may apply for unique products. Further information is available from your Customer Service Representative.

Damaged Products
Procedure for handling damaged Products and freight claims:

1. Inspect all shipments the day they are received.

2. Any shipment damaged in transit requires an inspection from the delivering carrier.

3. Noticeable damage must be noted on the consignee copy of the freight bill at the time of delivery, or the claim will be disallowed.

4. Concealed damage must be reported and a request for inspection made within 5 days of delivery.

5. Inspection results in a Damage Report, which is mandatory when filing your claim, per Department of Transport regulations.

6. Retain the merchandise in original packaging pending carrier inspection.

7. Contact the delivery carrier and request an inspection within 5 days of receipt of shipment.

8. Notify Alveda's Customer Service and provide all detailed supporting information.

Order Cancellation
An order cancellation will be accepted if Alveda has not shipped within a predefined leadtime. Otherwise the order will be filled or the cost of cancellation will be borne by the customer. For orders that have been sent out for delivery, cancellation will be treated as a “returned Products request” and may result in return freight charges and restocking fees.

Minimum Shipment Value
Orders placed with product value total below $350 (prior to any applicable sales tax) will be subject to a handling charge of $50 per order.

Expedited Processing & Delivery
When a customer requires expedited order processing and delivery, the customer is responsible for processing and delivery charges for all products. Published prices include normal processing and delivery charges for scheduled orders and deliveries. If the customer requires expedited, off schedule, rush, or after hours and weekend order processing and delivery, the Alveda Customer Service Representative will advise the customer of additional charges at the time the order is placed.

These general policies and terms and conditions may be amended by Alveda from time to time in its sole discretion. Any such amendment shall take effect and be binding upon the Customer when a notice of the change is given by Alveda to the customer in a separate document or in an updated version of Alveda's catalogues for each product or product category, as the case may be, whichever is earliest.

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